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Christopher Paul

Christopher - Paul Stanley.  As the musical backbone of Rock and Roll Over, Christopher is always willing to do whatever it takes to transport the audience to the church of Rock and Roll!  WIth his soaring vocals and stage presence that's never forced, Christopher is a natural born entertainer who has been studying KISS in general, and Paul Stanley in particular since the age of seven. Oozing with charmisma and sexual energy, Christopher is the one one that you can't seem to look away from.


The more difficult Paul Stanley songs such as Heaven's On Fire and I Was Made For Loving You are sung with conviction and precision.  Christopher has also performed with the international KISS tribute band, The Original KISS Army, headed by the Godfather of KISS tribute bands Jim Seda, and remains in good stead with them. 

DD Castiel

Dan Castiel - Playing Gene Simmons, D.D. Castiel comes to the stage with many years of musical performance and recording experience.  He has played in many national, original, cover and tribute bands, such as Sleepy Hollow, The Dropoutz, Thrillseeker, Jesse Snider (son of Dee Snider of twisted Sister), Saints of Los Angeles, Livewire (both Motley Crue Tributes), and Adrenalize (Def Leppard Tribute) and others.

Dan is endorsed by Black Diamond Strings


Allen Shelley

Allen Shelley - staggers to life as Ace Frehley.  His smoking guitar and fast fingered licks never fail to elicit delight from the audience.  Allen is the hardest working member of Rock and Roll Over off of the stage, and goes out of his way to please fans with multiple photos, or a handshake.  Interestingly, although Allen portrays Ace, his demeanor is more reminiscient of Eric Carr, whose enthusiasm and flatout nice guy qualities radiate like a 100 watt bulb. Allen's attention to detail on his insturment is evident and appreciated by audiences and bandmembers alike.


Jeff Gerhardt/Peter Criss - comes from the original Heavy Metal band circuit primarily. Volume Dealer and 100 Proof Hatred are bands that those in the know are very familiar with.  Christopher Paul is on record as saying that Jeff is the hardest hitting drummer he has ever performed with.  With lightning fast hands and precise footwork one can't help but recommend that you don't come between Jeff and his prey.  Jeff belts out Black Diamond like nobody's business, but his friends and colleagues were astonished at his vocal rendering of the Peter Criss classic Hard Luck Woman.


Pic by Moose

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